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Spectacles/Glasses are developed in order to accommodate eye problems, enabling individuals to be able to carry out their daily work with clear vision. In order to select a spectacle that suits you, it is important to address some pointers before you commit and regret later:

1. Purpose of Use – An individual who wish to address a problem of their eyes should first consult an eye specialist to obtain more information on the types of lens he/she needs and thereafter check with the optician on the type of glasses suitable for his/her use.

2. Facial Shape –  It is good to consider one’s facial shape (oval, rectangular, long or short) in order to select spectacle that complements rather than contrasts. The idea is to have one that looks fashionable and brings out the greatness in you, thus providing vision and style at the same time.

3. Colour of the Frame – One might be overwhelmed with the large variety of colours to choose from at first. Compose yourself and choose from the usual colour selections you are comfortable with. Get a feel of the new look with your spectacle on. Stare as long as you need into the mirror with the selected few. Once it is done, shortlist two or three. Next, consider other types of colour theme which you have never tried before. Get a feel of it. Sometimes, by comparing your usual with something new, will give you a feel of what is best for you. Remember to consider your hair colour, eye colour and complexion. These are essential in order to be able to choose the suitable frame. Make a final evaluation of your choices and select the one that makes you look and feel good with confidence.

4. Budget – When it comes to any purchase, sometimes, the final decision still lies with how much budget you have allocated for your glasses. If you have a budget constraint, bear that it mind and explore more options so that you will not be stuck in a situation where all your shortlisted ones belong to the price range outside of what you are willing to fork out.