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Maintaining Healthy Eyes Is Important

Today, spectacles have been a part of many people’s lives. Everyday I see more and more people wearing more of prescription glasses. This includes kids, teenagers, men and women. Studies have shown that from the early nineties till now, the prevalence of...

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5 Signs You Should Visit an Eye Doctor

Our eyes are among the most sensitive parts of our body. That’s why when you’ve got eye problems like redness or infection, you shouldn’t treat it lightly and instead, seek the help of an eye doctor ASAP.Untreated eye problems can lead to bigger problems...

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9 Easy Steps to Wear Contact Lens

Contact lens, though are great alternatives to glasses, if insert incorrectly into your eyes can result in eye irritation or even damage your eyes. Hence, to safeguard from all these unwanted problems, it is prudent to know how to go about inserting them...

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Benefits of Wearing Contact Lens

In the past, for people suffering for myopia, astigmatism or long sightedness, their only available option is to wear spectacles to correct their eye sight in order to see clearly. For those who were overly concerned about how they would look with glasses...

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Beware Counterfeit Contact Lens

With the increasing popularity of contact lenses being used among the eye glasses wearers, it has seen a significant growth in the sales of contact lens. As far as we are aware of the benefits we can receive by wearing contact lens, it is...

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5 Factors to Select Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses come in many brands, models, sizes, shapes and prices. Exactly what are the important factors to consider before getting one for yourselves, many have no clue about. This article strives to provide some basic guidelines for your...

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Types of Fashion Sunglasses

There are several types of sunglasses in the market today. The most popular being the : Aviator Sunglasses Introduced by Bausch & Lomb for the US military in 1936 Designed as a thin metal frame with oversize teardrop-shaped lenses Often made in...

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Sunglasses Overview

Sunglasses are highly recommended by healthcare professionals to protect our eyes from excessive exposure to the sunlight, much more from the ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light, which can cause several serious eye problems. Sunglasses are a form of...

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